About Moorings

The north end of the Island is in Naval Waters and all mooring holders and authorised users are members of GIFAA. There are two mooring areas, Pig Trough Bay on the East side and Herring Bay (limited to vessels of 13 metres and under) on the west. At Pig Trough Bay several yacht clubs (see list below) hold moorings that can be used by their members. There are no public moorings and use is not permitted without permission. There are 96 moorings in Herring Bay and the same rule applies here. Navigation hazards are present in this area especially at low tide and visitors are warned to take care. All moorings are inspected annually; insured and categorized according to the size of the vessel they are capable of holding.

The moorings are intended for single vessel use only.

GIFAA is the body the Navy has authorised to manage the moorings and to this end they have a Management Policy in place to ensure public safety and to minimise damage to the marine environment.

Dept. of Defence strongly discourages anchoring within Naval Waters to protect the remaining sea grass. The Association signs a document annually indemnifying them from any risk incurred by the use of the moorings and a moratorium has been declared on any more being installed. While Dept. of Defence is happy to have moorings in their waters at this stage, environmental management is a high priority and our continued use of the area is at their discretion. We, the boating public of W.A. therefore need to be very careful to obey the rules put in place for the protection of the Island. (See VISITORS INFORMATION)

If you are a regular visitor to the Island and think you would like to join please email and we will send out a membership form or you can download the form from this web site – (MEMBERSHIP PAGE).

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List of Clubs which have moorings in Pig Trough Bay

  • Classic Boat Club
  • Cockburn Power Boat Club
  • East Fremantle Yacht Club
  • Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club
  • Fremantle Sailing Club
  • Hillarys Yacht Club
  • Swan Yacht Club