GIFAA Newsletter September 2019
An update from your committee
Hello GIFAA Members
I hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of Spring. The days are starting to warm up and I can’t wait for summer again.

2019 AGM

I hereby give notice that the Garden Island Fishing & Aquatic Association (Inc) Annual General Meeting and election of office bearers will be held on Wednesday 20th November 2019 at the Fremantle Sailing Club Marine Terrace Fremantle. Exact timings will be communicated at a later date.

Nomination forms for President, Treasurer, Secretary, Mooring Manager and Committee can be download by clicking on the download button below.

Nominations are to be forwarded to:
The Returning Officer     GIFAA  PO Box 630 Melville 6956
Forms to be received no later than 5.00PM on Monday 21st October 2019.
To support your nomination, you are invited to attach a resume with 50 to 100 words to your nomination and this will be included in the Newsletter.
Please note that to nominate as a candidate, propose a candidate or second a candidate your payment for membership fees for the 2019-20 year must be received by 21st October 2019.
Members will be advised of the candidates soon thereafter.
As per our constitution, no new members will be processed after 21st October 2019
All existing members must be financial by the 18th November 2019 to be eligible to vote at the AGM.

Electronic Transfer Payment Details

Bank account details – Westpac Bank
Account Name – GIFAA        BSB 036 048 Account Number 375148
When making a payment please show your INVOICE number and your NAME on the transfer

End of financial year

Just a reminder that our financial year ends September 30th. We have recently adopted an updated financial management system and this year all invoices will be sent to members vial email. It is important that all members check their emails including spam files as sometimes emails can get lost.  Invoices will be sent to all members the first week in October and it is extremely important that for those Primary and Authorised Mooring users that your insurance and boat papers are sent in promptly. The deadline is November 30th. This is 2 months, which is ample time for everyone to get things in order. Last year things dragged out well in to February for some members and this makes compliance very difficult and causes unnecessary work for many people. The committee will be taking a less sympathetic view this year with anyone that does not meet the deadline.

Members Details Form

This is to update our member’s data base as a requirement under the Department of Defence Management Plan and GIFAA Constitution.
This form is to be completed and returned for all members. If you are a Primary or Authorised User on a mooring, you must include your current DOT and Insurance papers (Not just copies of the receipt) together with your cheque. Alternately the form and papers can be submitted by post and the payment made by direct debit. Once all is received and in order your GIFAA mooring sticker will be issued.  All monies and papers must be finalised by 30th November 2019.
Last year many members were late or needed several reminders to submit these papers. This causes many additional hours work and is quite unnecessary given the notice timeframe. The committee will be taking a less favourable position this year with anyone that is overdue with accounts or boat papers. Please do not let paperwork jeopardise your position as a member or a mooring holder.
If you intend to operate a secondary vessel, please include the DoT and insurance papers for the secondary vessel and a separate sticker will be issued.
If you are not regularly receiving GIFAA Newsletters by email, please check the email address we have on our records.


The mooring inspections are scheduled to commence in the third week of October this year. The Mooring Manager Ken Reynolds and his team expect this to be concluded by the end of the month, weather permitting, and invoices will be issued for all repairs at the completion of the work.

It’s a wrap

Thanks once again for everyone that works so tirelessly behind the scenes to make our association stronger. I hope all our members are enjoying the many activities we are coordinating, and you are making the most of our piece of paradise. As usual please drop me a note if you have any questions. I look forward to catching up with everyone for a sausage and a beer at the AGM.
Looking forward to seeing you at the islandPete Fry
Garden Island Fishing and Aquatic Association (Inc)