Garden Island Fishing and Aquatic Association (Inc)

Annual General Meeting – Notice of motions and elections

Hello GIFAA Members,

As previously advised the Garden Island Fishing & Aquatic Association (Inc) Annual General Meeting and election of office bearers will be held on Wednesday 20th November 2019 at the Fremantle Sailing Club, Marine Terrace Fremantle. Voting will commence at 5:00 pm and the meeting will commence at 7:30 pm. There will be a sausage sizzle for members before the AGM, starting at 6:00 pm and the committee would like you to join us at the conclusion of the meeting for a refreshment or two.


Declare the Meeting open
Confirmation of the Minutes from AGM 21st November 2018
Business Arising
Presentation by HMAS Stirling Commanding Officer Captain Ainsley Morthorpe
Presidents Report
Treasurers Report
Audit Report
Appoint Auditor for the 2019/20 year
Mooring Managers Report
Declaration of Poll by the returning Officer
Membership Fees
Approve honorariums for the 2019/20 year
General Business

Committee Nominations

The nominations for committee positions have closed and all nominations have been validated. One valid nomination for each of the positions for President, Treasurer, Mooring Manager and Secretary were received and as such these positions will be elected unopposed

  Steve Cangemi
Mooring Manager:
  Ken Reynolds
  Pete Fry
  Jayne Forte

This year we received 9 valid nominations for the 7 available general committee positions and as such there will be an election for the general committee positions. Below is a list of nominations and you will be voting to elect 7 members. Please ensure that you mark the ballot paper correctly with 7 ticks in the space provided. Incorrectly completed ballot papers will not be accepted. The voting will commence at 5:00 pm and conclude at 7:00 pm. Please make sure that you are on time as late arrivals will not be admitted. Please note that all existing members must be financial by the 18th November 2019 to be eligible to vote at the AGM. A draw has been conducted for the order of the names on the election ballot and each candidate has been given the opportunity to present a short resume.

(* denotes current serving committee member)

Geoff Reynolds *

I have been a member at GIFAA for over 30 years and have been an active committee member for the past 25 years intermittently as well as serving on the mooring committee.  I have worked every GIFAA day and most other events. Being retired, I can dedicate most of my time to preserving the island and helping with moorings and other duties. Most weekends I can be found in the bay on my boat Isabella, please feel free to come over and introduce yourself and have a chat.  I am seeking re-election so that I can help to keep our piece of paradise for future generations.

David Macdonald *

I re-nominate for a Committee position on the GIFAA to continue looking after the interests of GIFAA members. I am a married 52-year-old business owner who is interested in community. I have a 30-year long association with Garden Island both the recreational aspects and as Plumbing contractor on Garden Island. I and have built strong relationship with the Ranger through looking after the maintenance and replacement of BBQ at Herring, Pigs Trough and Buchanan Bays. During my time on the committee this past year I have contributed my own resources of equipment and materials to the upgrade of Herring Bay water supply pipes for the lawn reticulation and toilet block taps, relocated the gas supply storage tanks and piping for the BBQ’s and most recently replaced the old BBQ with 4 x new ones for our Cub. I have also attended numerous meetings with Navy and other stakeholders on behalf of GIFAA. I have also introduced many new families to join our club. I look forward to continuing serving our Club and members would welcome your vote.

Phillip Cutt

Hi GIFAA Members. I would like to introduce myself to you… Phillip Cutt. I would like to nominate for a position on the committee to look after the interests of all GIFAA members. I’m married, 58 years old and are a successful business owner in the sign industry for over 30 years. In the past, Golf was a game I loved and have been privileged to serve on various golf club committees. I was Tournament Manager of the HEINEKEN CLASSIC for 10 years and one of three chosen by the US PGA TOUR to set up the 1998 PRESIDENTS CUP at Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Now, my passion is boating and enjoying the benefits of GIFAA membership at the jewel in our crown… Garden Island. Through involvement in my own business & pro golf, my strengths will benefit all GIFAA members… being:


I look forward to serving all members should I be a successful candidate… Cheers!

G Mark Hagan

With my mooring at Pig Trough, I have been a regular Garden Island visitor since 1992 and a long-time member and supporter of GIFAA. I have been a member for over 25 years. My background is in the oil industry following an advanced degree in natural sciences specialising in recent marine environments. My major focus as a member of the GIFAA committee will be further developing our relationship with the Navy. Our tenure and our existing freedoms are totally dependent on this relationship.  The maintenance and improvement of this partnership including compliance with all Naval Regulations and Laws is critical to ensure our future in this magnificent, unspoilt, marine environment that is Garden Island. We also enjoy the fellowship and inclusiveness of the members through the Club, and we look forward to being a representative of Pig Trough Bay on the Committee.

Garry Barker *

No resume received

Idalino (Ido) Jorge

As a longstanding member of GIFAA which included serving on the Committee and Mooring Committee, as I am now free from other obligations, I would like to continue my commitment by serving on the GIFAA committee. I have been a member of EFYC for 20 years and served as Power Boat Captain for 3 years and 4 years on the Executive Committee. As a grandfather of 2 children I am looking forward to continuing my participation and preservation of the unique area we have at Garden Island for the future of all our families. Thank you and looking forward to your consideration.

Mark Maczkowiak *

Hi, my name is Mark Maczkowiak and I’ve been a committee member of GIFAA for the past few years. Many of you will know me by sight but probably not recognise my name. I’m one of the people who contributed to the updated constitution that was voted in at the last AGM. I’m also the bloke who can be seen taking lots of photos for our club at our social events. My final claim to fame is that many of you wear a shirt or dry yourself with a towel with my photo on it :-)) I better clarify that last statement. The picture of Herring Bay and Indian Head rock on our club merchandise were taken by me and donated for club usage. Thanks for supporting our club, no matter who you vote for I think they’ll do a great job, as has the current and previous committees.

John Van Vliet *

We have been visiting the Pig Trough and Herring Bays for over 14 years and have enjoyed what the Bays have to offer, together with the hospitality of the members and users. I have assisted on the committee for the last 2 years and would like to continue contributing back to the club and assist in its operation, organising and keep the Club moving forward whilst maintaining the clubs core values and enjoyment the island has to offer. Over the last 2 years I have:

  • Reworked and updated the A5 handout flyer that is provide to visitors in the Bays
  • Redrawn and updated the bays layouts and mooring locations
  • Initiated for a first aid kit to be available on the land at Herring Bay
  • Assisted with and participated in functions, fundraising, maintenance works and upgrading works

I look forward to continuing on the committee and thank you for your support.

Rodney Wegner *

No resume received

Audit Report

A copy of the Audit report and last year’s minutes will be available shortly for download from the website.

 Membership Fees

In the past few years significant investment has been made by our association to benefit our members including new picnic tables and the limestone wall extension at Herring Bay and new bbq’s to both Herring Bay and Pig Trough Bay. We have also recently improved our IT management with both updated hardware and software. More improvements are under discussion and all these things have significant costs associated. Your committee has been reviewing income and expenditure and we have agreed that a small increase is required to all fees as outlined below.

I, Peter Fry, being a financial member of Garden Island Fishing & Aquatic Association (Inc.) propose that the Garden Island Fishing & Aquatic Association (Inc) fees be increased for the 2020 / 21 financial year

  • Membership fee increase to $40
  • Primary User Inspection Fee increase to $85
  • Primary User Insurance Fee increase to $75
  • Authorised User fee increase to $140
  • Club Membership fee increase to $250

Moved: Peter Fry (Secretary)                     Seconded: Steve Cangemi (President)


The Secretary, Mooring Manager and Treasurer donate a lot of their time and incur additional costs to contribute to the successful management of the association. Each year they are paid an honorarium to assist towards offsetting some of these expenses.

I, Garry Barker, being a financial member of Garden Island Fishing & Aquatic Association (Inc.) propose that the Secretary, Treasurer and Mooring Manager be paid an honorarium of $1,000 each to reimburse them for their out of pocket expenses for the 2019/20 year

 Moved: Garry Barker (Committee Member)      Seconded: John Van Vliet (Committee Member)

Merchandise available

The AGM will be your next opportunity to pick up some of our GIFAA merchandise. This has been well received by all members that have seen it so far and sales at our events have been high. GIFAA merchandise would make an ideal Christmas present for the island boater in your life. Do not be late and miss out in your opportunity to get some quality merchandise celebrating the place we all love at a very good price. Merchandise will only be available for purchases prior to the AGM, commencing at 5:30 pm

There will be a limited bar tab for members at the end of the AGM. Please come along to your AGM and take the opportunity to meet fellow members and share a refreshment or two with the members and committee.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the AGM

Peter Fry
Garden Island Fishing and Aquatic Association (Inc)