The Garden Island Fishing and Aquatic Association is an incorporated body, originally established in 1958 to manage and protect the interests and property of the cottage owners on the North End of the Island. When the Armaments depot was established in Sulphur Bay the cottages were demolished and quite a few of their owners, rather than give up the “Island Life” started to holiday on board their boats. In 1981 the Association was resurrected to cater for the boating public who visit the Island. With interest by the boating public in visiting Garden Island rapidly increasing as southern metropolitan Perth expands, the need for a formal management policy for recreational boat mooring within the Controlled Naval Waters which surround Garden Island has been recognised. An Interim Mooring Management Policy was established in 1997 and following review, the Garden Island Recreational Moorings Management Policy (2005) for public mooring is the current policy which GIFAA’s Constitution and rules are formed under. Our aims are to preserve public access, the environment and the facilities that we enjoy today. There are no public moorings and use is not permitted without permission.


Rafting of vessels is not permitted by order Superintendent of the Garden Island Naval Waters.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)

There has been an increase in the use of RPA (commonly known as drones) at the island. The committee would like to remind all members that the operation of RPA in the mooring areas is not acceptable. This is due to several reasons, firstly the operation of RPA comes under the control of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Full regulations can be downloaded from the CASA website

Regulation 8 is the one that covers drone usage when other people are present:

8. Directions relating to the operation of RPA near people

(1) I direct that a person controlling an RPA must ensure that the aircraft is not operated less than 30 m from a person unless the person has duties essential to the control or navigation of the aircraft.

(2) For subregulation (1), the distance of 30 m is measured in every direction from the point on the ground directly below the aircraft

Secondly and perhaps more of a security matter, much of Garden Island has restrictions due to ammunition storage and flight path locations.

Pig Trough Bay Special Notice

Please see the attached notification & map

As you are aware one of the legacies of the shack era was soil contamination when they were removed, this has been assessed and there is now a schedule of asbestos remediation works planned. The works range from the removal of residue at some sites through to the construction of paths and fencing at others, these site works will improve the amenity of the bay.

The works programme will see contractors on site in Pig Trough Bay during March, I have spoken to the supervisor and confirmed that there will be access restrictions from Thursday the 8th  through until Wednesday the 28th of March (ie: the bay will be closed until Thursday the week of Easter). The contractor will be placing warning signage in the bay area and within the particular exclusion zones

The contractor will aim to have all works completed in this time frame so that there should be no interruption to the Easter LWE (Fri 30/02 – Mon 02/04). NB: the zone closures listed in the notification are only indicative and as I have been made aware are subject to change depending on logistics etc (hence the closure dates I have listed will be the ones that people need to be aware off & respect)

During this period the Pig Trough Bay recreation site will be closed (I will turn the gas off to the bbq’s) & lock the access gate

Can you notify all GIFAA members of this restriction, and if possible make sure that the secretaries of affiliated Yacht Clubs are aware so this notification can find its way to one of Pig Trough Bays largest user groups

These works are necessary and whilst the timing prior to Easter is not ideal, the aim is to make the bay safer for all users


Steve Booth
Senior Ranger - DPA

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